It's gonna be loud. And it's gonna be successful.



20 Million Impressions. 6 months. No cost. Do you want the same for your company?

What I can do for you

I. From Scratch

Have you just started a company or want to rebuild your online marketing from scratch? Avoid all the costly mistakes. I'll set you up flawlessly.

II. Online Marketing – standard

I'll organise your professional model shootings, create ads, as well as generating leads and sales on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Bing, and wherever else you choose.

III. Online Marketing – reloaded

Fearless, unconventional, and noisy. I am your way into guerrilla marketing – if it's compatible with your company's values.

IV. Coaching

I'll come to your company for one week, regardless of location. I'll train your existing marketing team, plan workflows & more. 

V. Websites, Webshop

I'll plan, design, and implement your webshop. This includes all wholesale platforms, ERP/WMS/Inventory Management, as well as the newest APIs/technologies.

VI. Der Rührer Live

I can potentially promote your products to my 30k social media followers. I also have an extensive newsletter subscriber list. Please ask for details.

You can Buy Success

Terms and Conditions

One deal a week

I only do one job a week. Not more. This rule is not related to the size of the job. This way you can be sure, I'm only focused at one client at a time – and this is you. If you book me, I'm available for you at any moment for that one week.

Fees and charges

The prices are non-negotiable. But as I really love being part of a startup growing up, I do sometimes accept work-for-share deals. So you book me as your marketing consultant and I get a share around 5 % of your company.


If your name is Frank, I'm not gonna answer your request.

Contact me

Prices apply as in the liste above. If you've got questions left, ask them.

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